Toyota bZ5X Electric Car Coming Soon, Ready to Compete with Kia EV9

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The Toyota bZ5X electric car will be launched soon. The latest electric SUV that has larger dimensions than the bZ4X is the Toyota bZ5X. The bZ is a special line for electric cars made by Toyota.

Toyota bZ5X is likely to be the development of Toyota’s concept car. Previously, there was the bZ Larga Concept which was introduced in December 2021.

Well, now let’s try to guess the form of the bZ5X. It is likely to be present to enliven the automotive market in the coming 2025.

Toyota bZ5X Electric Car

Toyota bZ5X Electric Car is Coming, Reveal the Leaks

The Toyota bZ4X is indeed one of Toyota’s new breakthroughs in its electrification lineup. However, it seems that the series is not satisfying enough for the famous automotive company, Toyota. Especially with all the shortcomings of the series.

Therefore, Toyota will present the successor of Toyota Indonesia’s first electric car. However, the launch might still happen in the next few years.

Toyota itself will continue its cooperation with Subaru. So it will make a new electric car with the name Toyota bZ5X.

The step that the Japanese manufacturer took is certainly quite reasonable. The reason is, seeing the condition of the four-wheeled battery-powered Toyota bZ4X is not sufficiently accepted by the market.


In addition, related specifications have not been leaked by Toyota. However, according to speculation, the bZ5X will have a larger battery than the bZ4X’s 71.4 kWh battery.

Toyota will provide a dual motor option. This means that the bZ5X will rely on all wheel drive. Improvements regarding the battery so that the mileage can be above 300 miles or reach 482 km.

The public certainly still has to be patient if they want to wait for the presence of the Toyota bZ5X. Interestingly, the bZ5X will be present in 2025. While the United States will carry out production.

In addition, this is also the first Toyota pure electric car to be assembled in the US. Previously, Toyota introduced the bZ4X and it has been officially sold in Indonesia for Rp1.1 billion.


The car will have larger body dimensions than the bZ4X. The size will be more equivalent to the Toyota Highlander. This is because it still uses a conventional engine.

However, the exterior form of the Toyota bZ5X electric car still has similarities with the bZ4X. This can be seen from the appearance of the boxy body. In addition, the impression of an offroad car is reflected more strongly.

It is likely that the bZ5X will have longer dimensions than the bZ4X. This is because the bZ5X will be a 7-seater SUV. Overall, the design of the electric car looks similar to the bZ4X.

However, the bZ5X will appear taller and more muscular like a typical SUV. In fact, it will always have a masculine feel to it.


Meanwhile, the interior of the Toyota bZ5X will have 7-seater and 5-seater options. Toyota tries to understand the market needs for an electric SUV.

So, this Toyota electric car will carry a large cabin in the future. Even so, there is not much information regarding the interior of this car.

If the Toyota bZ5X electric car has come to fill the automotive market, it can be a tough opponent of the 7-seater electric SUV from South Korea, the Kia EV9.