Wuling Air EV is Available in 2 Best Choices At Affordable Prices

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Wuling Air EV is one of the electric vehicles that enliven the automotive market. EV cars are vehicles that can run using one or more electric motors with energy from the battery to drive the vehicle itself. For those of you who are currently looking for and interested in buying an electric vehicle. Air EV is not the wrong choice. The reason is, that this vehicle has many features.

Speaking of electric vehicles, in Indonesia this type of vehicle has officially appeared as a private vehicle. Although some of them are only on display and not yet officially available in the Indonesian market. Electric cars attract public attention. Not only because the price is affordable, but electric cars also have a good appearance and performance.

Wuling Air EV

Wuling Air EV Electric Car

Wuling cars are one of the best recommendations for those of you who are looking for an electric car. You need to know that the Wuling Air EV is an electric car that is quite popular among Indonesians. This four-wheeled vehicle produced by the Wuling factory in Cikarang, West Java is one of the best-selling vehicles.

Just like a sedan car in general, this vehicle also has a small size. This is why the Air EV can move quite agile when on the highway. There are two variants, namely the standard mileage variant and then there is the long mileage variant.

Both variants have superior specifications. Wuling’s Air EV is suitable for those of you who are looking for an electric car for personal vehicles. Because this domestic product has a mileage that is sufficient for you to use in the city.

With these two variants, it certainly helps you more easily determine which one suits your needs. Both have price differences. You need to know that the standard mileage variant has a maximum mileage of 200 km. This is different from the long-range variant which has a range of up to 300 km. Besides having to adjust it to your needs, you also have to adjust it to your budget.

Different Prices

Another feature of domestically produced electric cars, for the long-range variant, is the charging pile. Later, you can install the charging pile in your garage. For this variant, the price is also more expensive. Because the existence of the charging pile is very useful, especially for the long-range variant. Why is that? Using this charging can speed up the process of charging electricity to the battery of the Wuling Air EV car engine.

In essence, this electric car comes with the concept of a Small City Car, making it very suitable for use in urban environments. For those of you who are interested in purchasing the Wuling Air EV, the standard range variant is sold for only 239 million. This is different from the long-range variant which is sold at 296 million. Meanwhile, for the one that uses charging, the price offered is 312 million. You can also get discounts at certain events.