Mazda RX 8 Multiplier Benefits Cheap Sports Car Rich in Features

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Mazda RX 8 is a sports car variant at an affordable price. This is a solution for minimal-budget owners who want to have a sports car from Mazda.

There is a certain amount of pride when owning a sports car. Especially if the RX 8 is the choice. This unit made in Japan has a price tag starting at IDR 250 million.

The exterior and interior design of the RX 8 is unique and sporty. This is why many automotive lovers immediately fall in love when they see its charm.

Mazda RX 8

Take a Peek at the Advantages of the Mazda RX 8

There are many sports car brands in the automotive industry. Generally, sports cars come with fierce performance.

When driving, drivers can feel a sensation that is different from ordinary cars. They will have an amazing experience.

For those who want a unit to support style and appearance, the successor to the Mazda RX 7 can be a consideration. Take a peek first, let’s what advantages it has.


This low-priced sports car comes with dimensions of 4,470 mm x 1,700 mm x 1,340 mm. Mazda RX 8 is famous for its eccentric exterior appearance but still charming.

This unit embeds pointed-shaped lights and has sharp corners. At first glance, this look creates an aggressive impression.

Slide to the rear body, we can see the presence of taillights whose design is similar to the Honda S2000. Lights with this stop lamp model further add to the aggressiveness value of the RX 8.

The most prominent feature on the exterior of the successor to the Mazda RX 7 is the presence of suicide doors. With this feature, users have easier access to occupy the back seat. The impression of the unit is getting more stylish.

In addition to being aggressive, the RX 8 also has aerodynamic lines, thus adding to the unit’s more athletic appearance. Mazda’s rear and front bumpers are also getting a retouch. This adds to the impression of luxury.

Ergonomic and Modern Interior

For the convenience of daily use, the Mazda RX 8 comes with 4 doors with reverse openings. The dimensions of the 2 rear doors will not make it difficult for passengers to carry out activities in and out, even though they are quite small.

The RX 8’s luxurious interior does not sacrifice passengers’ comfort and tranquility. This is thanks to driver-oriented support.

To improve driver visibility, the installation of seats with instrument clusters, to help the driver get the most comfortable driving position.

Only the interior of the Mazda RX 8 has creative rotary elements. Interior components as well as every aspect of it give a luxurious feel.

Steady Acceleration

RX 8 relies on performance and performance with a rotary Wankel engine. The engine with 2 rotors has a capacity of 1.3 liters.

Thanks to the RX8 rotary engine, this sports car has a distinctive sound, responsive gas, and is more powerful. With high-resolution capabilities, the RX8’s rotary engine provides agile and responsive acceleration.

The experience of the drivers says that this unit provides a pleasant experience when driving on winding roads or circuits. Interestingly, this serious power is free from vibration and noise.

The elegant and stylish sports car Mazda RX 8 with all its advantages is comfortable enough for daily use. It’s just that, consider the fuel consumption before deciding to buy.