Lucid Air Electric Car, Comes with Amazing Elements

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The Lucid Air electric car has officially arrived in Indonesia with the support of reliable specifications and superior advantages. Now more and more people are interested in electric cars. Because it is easy to operate the car itself.

Apart from that, the features of this electric car are very sophisticated.  So as to maximize the performance of the car itself. Cars are personal vehicles that are more complete than motorbikes. This equipment ranges from features to advantages.

Electric cars are definitely different from manual cars. These differences cover many things. Of course, electric cars now have better sales profits than conventional cars. Even though the price is expensive, people are willing to buy it by spending a lot of money.

Lucid Air Electric Car

Get to Know the Lucid Air Electric Car

Lucid Air Electric Car is the world’s most sophisticated four-wheeled vehicle that has entered the global market. This electric car is a sedan type that offers a stunning luxury design.

What’s even more sophisticated is that it uses two electric motors capable of producing 1080 hp of power and 1000 lb-ft of torque. This car has superior features such as the Lucid Air ramDrive entertainment system and an active air suspension system.

Vehicle Performance

The Dream Edition version itself supports a 118 kWh battery, featuring 22 models with a total of 6,600 cylindrical cells. Meanwhile, the Grand Touring version has a smaller 6 kWh battery – 112 kWh.

One of Lucid’s key elements is the 900 V battery architecture which allows for increased efficiency. The battery also makes it easier to distribute charging power of up to around 300 kW.

So it only takes about 20 minutes to recharge with a range of 300 miles. The performance of the Dream Edition, namely with 21 wheels, will accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.42 seconds.

Lucid Air Element

There are many advanced elements present in the Lucid relating to the battery pack, small and light electric car, and single-speed transmission

The presence of these elements helps the Lucid Air electric car to run well without problems. Even so, you have to maintain the electric car regularly. This electric car is very compact and efficient with its power-to-weight ratio and volume.

There is very sophisticated cooling technology and there is a production cell supply contract. This electric car is scalable and modular which provides cost and bandwidth coverage. It also provides advanced but low resistance that reduces heat loss and increases range.

From this review, you will definitely want to use the Lucid Air Electric Car, it is guaranteed that all travel activities, both short and long distances, will be easier. Suitable for those of you who have a small or even large family using this car.