Daihatsu Osanpo Electric Car, Comes as an Off-Road-Focused Mini Sport

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Daihatsu Osanpo electric car is now attracting attention. At the Mobility Show (Tokyo Motor Show 2023 held in Japan), Daihatsu unveiled several new concept cars, one of which is an electric car called Osanpo. The specifications of this car are adorable, as it comes as a mini sport that focuses on off-roading.

Daihatsu Osanpo Electric Car

Daihatsu Osanpo Electric Car, Specifications and Advantages

In English, Osanpo means “sightseeing”. True to our expectations, this car is a quirky little thing.

It shows off a characterful face with prominent round headlights. Together with the mini-style DRLs.

It is able to give a different impression. Instead of being curious about this car, here are its specifications.

Exterior Design

The Daihatsu Osanpo electric car has a stunning exterior design. It gets square-shaped auxiliary lights emblazoned on the black plastic bumper.

Then, the wheel arch trim curves from the front fender to the bumper. When riding it, we can see the exposed springs and shock absorbers.

This makes the Daihatsu Osanpo look like a beach buggy. Not to mention, there are additional thick tires, a practical bumper, and a higher ride height.

The Osanpo is an electric car intended for those who are active and love outdoor activities. The reason is that Daihatsu gave it a shape that depicts something that supports a fun life.

Not only the front is the highlight. Osanpo has a practical back side. On the alloy wheels, it uses a unique disc style, which complements its retro body. The Osanpo is not just an off-roader.

However, it provides increased ground clearance that will help it cross muddy roads quickly. As for its size, it is 133.6 inches long, 57 inches wide, and 52.4 inches high.

This car has a shorter size than the Mini Cooper. However, it has an equivalent wheelbase of 96 inches.

Daihatsu Osanpo does come as an electric car. However, the company has not provided any special notes regarding its power and performance.

Interior Design

The Daihatsu Osanpo gets a luxurious interior design. Even so, the cabin looks simple and does not show the impression of fripperies.

Meanwhile, the steering wheel is more practical, giving the driver a view of the compact instrumentation cluster. Moving on to the dashboard, it appears to be made of transparent Perspex material.

In addition, there are little or no controls. It is suspected that the touchscreen is hidden.

The Daihatsu Osanpo is an EV that may look strange but is amazing. It demonstrates yet another innovation in the automotive world to deliver an amazing vehicle of the future.

Hopefully, this car will soon go into production and show all its awesomeness. It’s not impossible that when it’s officially launched, the Daihatsu Osanpo electric car will become the target of high mobility lovers.