BMW i7 Protection, Luxury Electric Cars with High-Level Security

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BMW i7 Protection is an armored electricity sedan to protect passengers from various threats. Including bullets, bomb explosions, and toxic gas. This car is a variant of the BMW i7 Xdrive60. But has been upgraded with various additional security features.

BMW i7 Protection, Luxury Electric Cars with High Level Security

Specifications, Features, and Advantages of BMW i7 Protection

Now there are not many electric cars available with a high level of security. Therefore, BMW as a high-class car manufacturer released the BMW i7 electric car with the advantage of being bulletproof. This car was officially released globally last August. This vehicle offers special protection from firearm attacks to explosives.

Complete Specifications

This car presents impressive specifications. With dimensions of 5,391 mm long, width 1,950 mm, and height of 1,544 mm, and wheelbase distance of 3,210 mm. So that makes the car look sturdy and strong. Although it has a large dimension, this car remains light with a weight of about 2,765 kg.

Performance is also very impressive thanks to a battery capacity of 101.7 KWH which provides a distance between 590 to 625 km. Using a 544 hp engine and torque of 745 Nm. So that makes this car have acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in only 4.7 seconds.

In addition, the highest speed reaches 160 km/hour. With specifications like this, this car is an attractive choice for fans of electric vehicles with high performance.

Superior Features

BMW i7 Protection uses a windshield that can protect its passengers from 7.62×54 R caliber ammunition shots. This is the level of a threat from the highest Civil Resistance class VPAM 10.

Then the electric car from BMW also protects a particular body against the shot of VPAM ammunition 10. This electric car has received a classification as a VR9 class protection after official testing. The certification, among others, is based on the third edition of the VPAM BRV related to ballistic resilience, VPAM ERV, and PAS 300 related to the explosion.

Advantages and Other Features

BMW i7 bulletproof also has advanced features that make a better driving experience. The BMW Drive Recorder feature can record events around the vehicle for 20 seconds before and after the accident. You also get help from BMW Personal Copilot features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist, and Parking Assistant.

There is also an Audio Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Sound System system presenting high-quality sound. In addition, there are also features of BMW Gesture Control and BMW Live Cockpit Professional.

Those are some features, advantages, and specifications of the BMW i7 Protection. BMW has succeeded in combining high-level protection with luxury and advanced technology. So it not only provides protection but also provides a luxurious lifestyle in a charming package.