Electric Pickup Trucks You Must Know for Your Goods Transport Needs

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Not only are family cars now getting updates to become electric cars, but electric pickup trucks are also now becoming a reality to adopt electricity. Electric pickups are a segment that has fast growth. This is proven by the existence of several capable models on the market and there are many more that will be coming soon.

Electric Pickup Trucks You Must Know for Your Goods Transport Needs

Electric Pickup Trucks You Must Know for Your Goods Transport Needs

Although several new pickups indeed come from old car makers. But there are also and many products made by manufacturers that are new to the truck market. This makes us confused about which one to choose. So here are some recommendations and some specifications that can be additional material for your consideration.

Rivian R1T

This electric pickup truck from an American startup can cover a distance of 300 miles and a quad-motor powertrain for 0-60 mph in just three seconds. Load space is unlimited with 330 liters in the bonnet, and 350 liters in the “gear tunnel”. You can lock this part and there is a closed container with a capacity of 200 liters under the rear tailgate floor.

Lordstown Resilience

It has that name because of Lordstown, Ohio. The company had an old factory that it sold to tech group Faxcoon and makes these pickup trucks. With four motor hubs on the wheels and a 109 kWh battery, it is enough to drive more than 250 miles. The unique design emphasizes minimalism which still has a modern impression.

Chevrolet Silverado EV

Buyers can own a bell’n’whitel class RST First Edition or a more prepared and rugged Work Truck at an affordable price. The first model offers 664 bhp of torque, 3,650 kg capacity, 600 kg payload, and 780 lb-ft. Meanwhile, the second model provides 510bhp of torque, 550kg payload, 3,650kh towing capacity, and 615 lb-ft.

Ford F-150 Lightning

These next electric pickup trucks have high-performance power with 572bhp and 775 lb-ft. The riding range is up to 320 miles according to claims. This car also has a large trunk and lighting to provide light. Maximum payload of 900 kg, this car can tow up to 4.5 tonnes of goods. This car is also suitable for traveling on rural and urban roads.

GMC Sierra EV

This pickup has impressive specifications, starting from 754 horsepower with a maximum range of 400 miles. The Sierra is equipped with a deluxe MidGate that opens to provide nine feet of storage between the cabin and rear door. There is also an onboard socket with a power of 10.2 kW which can charge household electricity.

Kanoo Pickup

This last recommendation is a multi-purpose delivery vehicle. This car offers a truck bed of up to six feet and can load tools or equipment. These electric pickup trucks could be your choice according to the needs you are looking for.